V. Assist Biz Basics

4 Part Training To Help You Implement the Tools & Systems Needed to Get Your Virtual Support Business Up, Running, & Optimized FAST!

When you’re first starting your Virtual Support Biz, it’s easy to get bogged down in the “setting up your biz phase”.  

V. Assist Biz Basics

A 4 Part Series on How To Set Up Your Business Pillars

In V. Assist Biz Basics, I'll Walk You Through Each of the 4 Pillars You Need To Get Your
​Biz Started The Right Way !


Each training will be delivered to you weekly and includes:   

  • A Video Walkthrough of each Pillar


  • Swipe Copy for emails/templates/workflows


  • Additional resources in case you want to take a deeper dive


Biz Basics is a 4 part Video Based Training That Walks You Through My Stress Free System In Creating The 4 Pillars In Your Biz:  

Pillar 1


Pillar 2


Pillar 3


Pillar 4

Communication & Organization

March to Dec 2018 gross income for my biz was $1083. I was a general VA, charging about $20 an hour, not tracking my time consistently, discounting things for friends and people who challenged my price, and doing a lot of work I didn’t love.

Late 2018 I started noticing Tasha in groups and listening to what she was saying. But I knew her 1:1 mentorship was so far out of my reach financially. I was lucky enough to catch her for one of her 52 Weeks of Coffee Chats, and I learned about her upcoming VA challenge and her planning signature group coaching program.

Fast forward to 2019: I had my bonus strategy call with her February 25th where we mapped out exactly what I loved doing in my business, got rid of all the other things, created packages and starter end pricing for those packages that I was comfortable working with right now.


During the weeks to follow in March I implemented the steps in V. Assist Biz Basics where I refined my web copy to reflect this new version of my business, organized my files in G-Suite, set up a scheduler with Acuity (free with my website), linked with with Zoom, set up a lead capture sequence formula in Dubsado, and learned how to create beautiful templates for proposals and set up invoices. (Read: no more coordinating terms via Facebook messenger and managing payments through PayPal when it was convenient). Done for you templates, step-by-step tech tutorials, and invaluable feedback and support is a winning combination for success.

I had my first Discovery Call with a potential client April 4th and got a signed retainer contract for $768 a month plus an add-on service for a set-up project. I have another call scheduled later today, and I am now in two referral partner programs. I have the confidence of a sequence that works ❤

After my strategy call with Tasha and working with her through Biz Basics I made about as much in a week as I had in all of the previous year.

Meet Your Coach

Hey There! I'm Tasha Booth, owner of The Launch Guild- an Online Business Management and Virtual Support Agency that supports Coaches & Course Creators in helping them eliminate the overwhelm and step back into their zone of genius.


I also coach/mentor Virtual Assistants & Online Business Managers who are ready to build and grow businesses they love. AND, in my copious amounts of spare time, I run a super fun podcast called How She Did That which provides Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, and Project Managers actionable tech and biz tips to help them uplevel in BIG ways! 


*whew!* I'm tired just thinking about all of that! 


But none of this would've been possible without the systems to streamline my processes and that's what I want to help you create!


Let's get the basics down so we can start growing a biz you love!

  • PILLAR 1

    Question we answer:  
    "How do people learn about who you are and what you do?"


    I'll show you...

    What pages and copy you need to get your website up and running in no time.

    How to eliminate website overwhelm buy building in Squarespace (my favorite website builder)

    How to set up your services in a way that is easy for your potential clients to understand (which means easier sales)


  • PILLAR 3

    Question we answer:  

    "Once your potential client is a "yes", how do you get everything you need in order to get started?" (contract, invoice, questionnaire, new client kickoff)


    This is where I...


    show you exactly what to set up in Dubsado so that you can automate the majority of your onboarding process. Onboarding done right immediately makes your client feel like you have it all together. Onboarding done wrong leaves you scrambling for the information you need to support the client from day 1.

  • PILLAR 2

    Question we answer:  

    "Once people know who you are and what you do, how do they connect with you to schedule a call?"


    We'll walk through...


    setting up your automated calendar via Acuity and setting up your lead capture form so that you get the exact info you need in order to attract the right clients and repel the wrong ones.




  • PILLAR 4

    Question we answer:

    "Once we're ready to start, how do we set up client communication & organization?"


    In this final week we...


    walk you through some of my favorite programs including Asana, Trello, and Slack in a way that keeps your on top of every project and eliminates overwhelm for both us and your clients.


I've been in business for awhile now, is Biz Basics right for me?

What platforms will you be showing us how to set up?

Do you have a refund policy?


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