The 6 Month Group Experience for Virtual Assistants & Online Business Managers
by Tasha Booth


Being a Virtual Support Pro can be fulfilling, profitable, and fun BUT, you have to be able to hold boundaries, create simple systems to stay organized, and BE EXCELLENT!

But, when you’re growing your business, sometimes you’re probably feeling more
​exhausted then excellent.



Can You Relate?

You’re here and ready to roll but you don’t know how to get a consistent flow of clients to create a consistent flow of income.


You know how to do the doing, but do you know how to run a business? Starting a business is one thing but creating a sustainable one is a whole other ballgame!  Going from freelancer to business owner takes systems and organization and

you don’t know where to start.


There are a million things you could be doing to grow and build your business but you don’t know what actions actually have an ROI.

You want clear guidance from someone who KNOWS what it takes to create a successful business.


How would working in your business be better if you had…


✓  Clients who were fully aligned with what you want to do (and who you want to serve)


More money in your business (by working smarter, not harder)


Systems and processes that made your operations go from “Uuuugggghhhh!!” to “aaaaahhhhh…”

To get from HERE to THERE, you could…

…Sign up for free trials of #AllTheSystems…

…Spend hours on Google and YouTube trying to figure out how to use those systems…

...And grab course after course trying to speed up the learning curve and determine
which ones are the best fit for your business…


…All while NOT making any money because you’ve spent all your time learning
and don’t have any time left for your clients!

The beautiful thing about this online biz world is that people have been out here figuring things out for years and there are frameworks and processes that are PROVEN to work. You don’t have to spend your time lost in the woods trying to create a road, you can hop on the one I’ve already paved for you.


If you’re nodding your head because you can relate to all of this (maybe a little TOO well)…


I want to let you in on a SECRET…

You Don't Need Another Course, You Need Solid Accountability & An ACTION Plan!



The 6 Month Group Coaching/Mastermind Experience for
Virtual Support Pros who are ready to step into destiny,
do the work, and grow a business they love!



Booked & Balanced is NOT a course


It’s a 6 Month Group Program solidly focused on actionable steps that get you to your goals.  


You’ll finally have all the accountability & support you’ll need to get the needle moving forward.






Saying “Yes” only to clients who are fully aligned with what you want to do and who you want to serve.


Making more money in your business by working smarter, not harder.


Creating systems & processes that make your operations go from “Uuuuggghhh!!” to “aaahhhh”.


Having a mentor who has been there, done that, and can help guide you in growing the right way.


Being part of a network of support pros who are working hard right along with you.


Having a team that has your back.


 If you just said “HECK YES” to all of this, you’re in the right place! 

Here's What's Included in

Booked & Balanced

  • (4) 1:1 Private Coaching Calls with Tasha ($1250 value)

    This will be our time together to focus in on what you’re working on & where you’re at, brainstorm ideas, and work through any stuck points. It’s a safe space to tackle whatever comes your way! 

  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls ($2400 value)

    This is where coming together with others who are working towards similar goals but who bring different strengths to the table creates an amazing combination! 


    You'll have the opportunity to jump on the “hot seat” to share what they need help with in their business currently so that we can all come together and share our own ideas, experiences, and what's working for us. Because several heads are better than one right?!  

  • BiMonthly Group Mindset Calls ($1200 value)

    So much of our success is tied to what our minds believe we're capable of.  Many times, when we begin to uplevel those tiny Gremlin's in our head start trying to block us from believing in our worth and our ability to achieve our desired outcomes.  Emily King, our resident mindset coach is here to help us eliminate those blocks and walk us through the steps of reframing our limiting beliefs.

  • Weekly Q & A Sessions ($1100 value)

    I’ll hop on a Facebook Live in the group weekly to answer any questions you have or give you feedback as you’re creating things like your workflows, packages/pricing, or how to hire your first (or next) team member.

  • Private Facebook Group ($$$ Priceless!)

    In this Facebook Group, you’ll have the opportunity to get immediate feedback on any questions you have about your business. Need help navigating a sticky client situation? We're here to help! This group is your built in support system.  

  • Monthly Biz Trainings & Workshops ($600 value)

    I have really smart and amazing friends and each month, one of them will hop into our Facebook Group to be a guest expert. You’ll hear from experts on Facebook Ads, Instagram Strategy, and Marketing (to name a few).  

  • Co-Working Sessions ($300 value)

    It’s way more fun to work in groups! The online world can be a lonely place! In these twice monthly co-working sessions, we’ll come together on a Zoom call and get sh*t done like scheduling our social media for the month or writing a blog post or 2.

  • Daily Voxer Access During Business Hours 

    Have a question or need to talk through a client problem? Can do! Just send me a Voxer message and I'll answer during my weekly business hours.

  • Resource & Template Library ($820 value)

    Missed one of our Group Coaching Sessions or a Q & A? No worries, each session is recorded and uploaded to our private membership portal.


    Your private membership portal will also include a template library that will be updated and added to monthly. You can take what you need from here and use it for your own business. Templates will include contracts, questionnaires, client onboarding workflows, canned emails, and more.  



Register for Booked & Balanced BEFORE July 31st and Receive the Following Bonuses

✓ Early Voxer Access. Need help like #now? Don't worry, I got you! Early Booked & Balanced Registrants can ask questions and request feedback via Voxer during my weekly "Early Bird Office Hours". Send me a question any time during the week and I'll answer during my Wednesday & Friday Office Hours. 

*Just pay your deposit of $425 by or before July 31s & your next installment isn't due until September 1st!



    I didn’t build a six figure business by accident. I did it with focused, hard work and creating solid actionable steps with the help of mentorship and coaches. Now, I want to be that mentor to you. Together we’ll navigate the ups and downs in your business and help you create the best path forward to get you to your goals!




    Working from home in your pajamas can be awesome but it can also be lonely. In Booked & Balanced, you’re building something amazing alongside others who are right there with you and cheering you on every step of the way.






    Let’s be honest, you DON’T need more courses… you need more ACTION. I’ll provide both the accountability you crave to help you set and achieve the goals you create, as well as providing mentorship so that, as new challenges come up in your business, you’ll have someone in your corner who’s been there, done that, and can help guide you on your next steps.

I created Booked & Balanced because I saw a need in the virtual support pro community for something that was in between just starting out and one on one coaching.


Something that met you where you were at, that mentored you as you grew your business, and that felt like a one-on-one program…


WITHOUT the one-on-one price tag.


And that’s exactly what Booked & Balanced is.


I believe that the combination of hard work and great mentorship and coaching is exactly why my business has become as successful as it has been…


And that’s what I want for you.


I want to be that mentor for you as you grow a business that you love.


I want this year to be the year that you feel aligned in your business,

that you are serving the people that you love to serve

and doing the work that you love to do.

  When you take that vote of confidence in yourself and your business by joining Booked & Balanced TODAY, you’ll get everything you see here...  


Booked & Balanced Includes

(6) Group Coaching Calls  ($2400 value)

(3) Group Mindset Coaching Calls ($1200)

(4) 1:1 Private Coaching Calls ($1250 value)

BiMonthly Group Mindset Coaching ($1200)

Weekly Q&A Sessions ($1100 value)

Monthly Biz Trainings & Workshops ($600 value)

BiWeekly Co-Working Sessions ($300 value) 

Membership & Template Portal ($820 value)

Private Facebook Group ($$$)

Daily Voxer Support During Office Hours ($1000) 
Total Value: $9870


Investment: $425/mth or $2300 paid in full


    Hey there! I’m Tasha Booth, owner of The Launch Guild – an Online Business Management and Virtual Support Agency, host of the How She Did That Podcast, and coach to Virtual Assistants & Online Business Managers.


    But the reality is, I sooo didn’t start where I am today.


    It’s taken me years of time, hard work, and amazing mentors helping me create a roadmap. And now I want to be that mentor for you!


    Grab a cup of coffee with me for a second because I want you to know something…


    I totally get where you are right now.


    Deciding to invest in your biz is scary stuff.


    But deciding to invest in YOURSELF should be a no brainer!


    Drown out the voice that’s saying “I can’t.” “I’m not sure.” “What if… xyz?!”


    You GOT this!


    WE got this!


    If you’re ready to do the hard work and fully step into your role as CEO of your destiny, then I will 100% be your co-pilot!

    Let Me Guess...You've Got a Few Questions

    Why six months?

    What’s the difference between this and working with you 1:1?

    When does Booked & Balanced start?

    I’m still in my 9-5… what if I can’t attend the Group Coaching Sessions live?

    What if 2 months in, I decide I don’t want to be a Virtual Support Pro?


    So? What do you say?! Are you ready to make moves?