How To Build & Launch A Profitable Virtual Assistant Business

Ready to find a work from home career that actually WORKS?  


How About Becoming A Virtual Assistant?  


In the last 2 years, I've grown my Virtual Assistant Agency from a weekend and part time side hustle (while working a full time job) to a 6-figure per year business making consistent 5-figure months!


I've done so well in my VA Business that I left my full-time job to run and grow my company even more! 

Imagine a career where ...

  • YOU get to pick your clients!  

  • YOU decide the types of projects you work on! 

  • YOU set your pay rate, YOU decide your schedule!

  • YOU decide where you work!

Work from a coffee shop, the couch, the beach in Spain...WHERE EVER!!! 

"Working with Tasha is one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made! The investment was so very minimal- honestly Tasha isn’t charging nearly enough for all of the information she is providing! "

Faith LaRosse  

In this 90 Minute Training, I'll Teach You...

How to Decide on Your Suite of Services

Sure you could offer #AllTheThings but when building a business from the ground up, you get the unique opportunity to decide exact what YOU want to offer. I'll show you my 3 step process in selecting your service suite.

Where to Find Clients

Not sure where to find clients that are ideal for you and ready to buy? We'll cover some of the best places to find clients including some amazing client resources you probably haven't even thought of!



What 3 Online Platforms You Need to Get Started

(hint: 2 are free and the 3rd only cost $20 per month)

Creating a sustainable business means creating systems that work. I'll share with you the systems I use in my own business to improve both automation and the client experience.

Purchase V. Assist Now and Immediately Gain

Access to the Class & Workbook!

PLUS, I'll Answer Questions Like: 

  • How much should I charge?  

  • What systems do I need to set up to take care of clients?  

  • What should I name my business?  

  • What's subcontracting? 

  • What can I offer as a VA?  

  • How do I find clients?  

  • Do I need a website? 

  • How can I compete when there are other VAs out there charging less?  

Meet Your Coach

Hey There! I'm Tasha Booth

I'm the owner of The Launch Guild- an Online Business Management and Virtual Support Agency that supports Coaches & Course Creators in helping them eliminate the overwhelm and step back into their zone of genius.

I also coach/mentor Virtual Assistants who are ready to build and grow businesses they love. AND, in my copious amounts of spare time, I run a super fun podcast called How She Did That which provides Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, and Project Managers actionable tech and biz tips to help them uplevel in BIG ways! 

*whew!* I'm tired just thinking about all of that! 

But the reality is, I sooo didn't start where I am today! 

Two years ago, I was right where you are, thinking about becoming a VA but just in the planning stages of my business. I had no clue what I was doing and wished I had a roadmap.  

I created this 90 Minute Training to be the roadmap for you. You'll get TONS of value and a workbook! Who doesn't love a workbook??!! 

I'm all about taking massive action while reducing overwhelm and eliminating excuses! 


So let's get ready to learn and grow together!  

"Tasha’s class was exactly what I needed to jump start my VA business." 

Jenn Michaela 


Q: When is this training?  

Q: Who is this training for?

Q: How much is this class?  

Q: Why isn't this free? Aren't webinars supposed to be free?

Q: Do you accept refunds? 


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